It's a Monday, and it really was a pretty good day. I felt a little draggy today though, wishing I had one more day to enjoy before the work week started. I haven't had my quiet time yet, so I am certain God has something very cool to tell me tonight. It is a bit more quiet than normal around our house right now cause we are without two children. Having one child around is strange, but it is a nice break from all the noise, chaos, whining, bickering, etc. Rylee and Bailey are with my parent for a week and we'll join them later this week for a mini vacation. I am so ready. It ain't much, but it is what we can do this summer given the cost of fuel and food. I don't know how we make it each week. We are trying to tackle our debt, so our budget is going to be extremely tight for the next couple years. We need to do it, and we'll be so much better off in the long run because of it. I keep thinking God has a plan beyond these circumstances, and this will pass. Sometime the weight of it gets to me, but I know that's that ugly dude Satan trying to get the best of me. I won't cave, I will push on and I am determined to get on the other side of it. Freedom awaits, and we will rejoice in spite of our struggles. I know it is what God wants for us.
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