I was just thinking about how people have way too much to complain about and not enough to rejoice about. Actually, people are choosing to complain about stuff rather than choosing to rejoice! It's all in the choosing, isn't it? Yesterday I was talking with a coworker about how the past couple days in our office we have received more complaints from people calling from other departments. When she commented to one caller in particular about putting themselves in our place regarding the issue, she paused and said she hadn't thought about it that way. That seemed to shut her up. Well, what it will do to a person's attitude when they are asked to put someone else first. We don't do that often enough. Why not? It should start in the first moment of our day: How does it begin for you? Before I speak to a single person or arrive at work, every morning I have a conversation with God. It may not always be that interesting, or that long but I take time to do it because it gets me focused and starting my day on the right foot. I know a lot of us rush through our day, our week, whatever our schedule holds seems to take us away. The reality is, we have no control over our day: it is all God. If we would choose to acknowledge that, what a difference it would make in our attitude. It is a choice, and we must make it daily.
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