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Believe and Reside in Me

"Don’t just believe in Me, reside in Me….."

Meet me in the middle of my mess, my chaos and bring order, restoration, peace, joy divine.
Wreck my heart and soul with deep conviction when I fail to regularly settle into the quiet, rest of Your presence, Lord....

Day by day, I’m squeezed from all sides to accomplish what is required of me by others and what I require of myself. It can be suffocating. To the point my time with You could be squeezed out altogether. What’s the priority? How do I keep up this maddening pace? I don’t. It starts with priority #1: You, Lord! Everything else is secondary. It requires me to be okay with not being okay. It requires that I settle into regularly carving out my time alone with You, my Sabbath time with You, and walking away from what is not done. That basket of laundry can wait. Sink full of dishes, whatever. Papers and crumbs on the dining table, let it sit. Toys on the living room floor from the night before, oh well. It ca…