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Hopeful, Broken, Waiting....Lord, Move Us!

Don't let the title of this blog entry send any of you into panic mode. We are not moving anywhere and are in fact content to stay put, right where we are, for the rest of our lives. If....that is what the Lord has purposed for us. Did you catch that? There is a message to be heard from that statement I just made.

Life is good. Most of us can say that, because hopefully we have put the experiences of life we have had thus far or are enduring this very moment, into perspective because quite simply God works it all together for our good! All of it! The crap you are putting up with in your family, whether is simply struggling to get along with your spouse and work out issues in your marriage, with your children, with your job, in your circle of friends, etc. Whatever it is, stop right now and consider in the grand scheme of things you are blessed! I guarantee you have at least 3 things you can point to right now in your life that you are thankful for. So, with that, are you…