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The Same Ground

I was reading in Ephesians 3 this morning, Paul reminds us that unbelievers and believers alike stand on the same ground before God, have the same access to His presence. How then does that affect our approach to our God? How are we preparing our hearts and minds as we enter the mission field every single day of our lives, knowing we are no better or worse than the average person we cross paths with at any given moment?

No matter who you are, your status in life, your experiences, your education, your failures, your successes—we all have the same access to an amazing and powerful, loving and merciful God! I don’t care if you have memorized the entire Bible, or you are lucky to remember a few verses that were in your devotional this morning….so you didn’t get a devotional time in today, or perhaps it has been weeks since you spent time with the Father….you’ve wandered away from Him, something happened that you’ve decided God doesn’t get me, He doesn’t understand me and my life, He…