Human nature vs God nature

Matthew 6:6 ….Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you….

I am in the middle of a transition of sorts in my life right now. The past few months in particular, my job has been uncertain and the necessity to explore other job opportunities became my new reality. I am in the process this week of interviewing for a position, thrilled by the opportunity, entirely grateful God has gone before me, and His amazing favor is upon me. I cannot imagine going into a season of change like this or any other without having my heart, my head, my entire being focused entirely upon the One who made me. Not only is it expected of me as a child of God to seek after Him first and in all things, but it is indicative of my faith in Him. It is not human nature, it is God nature for me to choose to pursue and peruse after God’s purpose for my life every single moment of every single day of my life. I am diving deep into His Word this year with a new reading plan, already rediscovering the light and life of His promises anew. I am far more confident, calm and centered because of my choice to further discipline myself in the study of His Word, praying, seeking Him daily. When I choose to center my focus, determine to live my life in a way that reflects Coram Deo-living before the One who sees all that we are and do-then and only then will I know I have lived well and according to my Father’s will in heaven.

It would be all too easy for me to turn inward, isolate myself as the struggle to find something certain weighs upon my mind. I’m not perfect; I have moments, many of them, where my human nature wins for a time. I struggle to get beyond the thoughts, the questions running through my mind of “Why? How? When?” and it can become overwhelming very quickly. At some point in this process, I am able to stop and move in this direction:

1. Call upon the name of Jesus! There is POWER in His name!
2. Speak the Word! Open my Bible and read His promises, write it out, post it, speak it aloud and recite it throughout the day!
3. Pray, pray, pray and pray some more!
4. Praise Him for this, ALL of this—the good, the bad, the amazing, the awful, the certainty of His provision in spite of my inability to see it right away!

What is your practice in this season or the next? How will you choose to live your life reflecting the abundant love of Christ rather than reflecting the disappointment of the circumstances you have been handed today? Life is hard, but God is good! If you don’t have a mantra and need one, feel free to use that one. I am not sure who said it first, but it is one I have uttered many a time and sometimes repeatedly through gritted teeth. Human nature is going to wrestle God nature ALL the time, count on it! It is in this wrestling that our faith is tested, proven and triumphs so that we can emerge stronger than we were at the onset. Through Christ, we are victorious!
My greatest word of testimony through this season so far is that I have not been worried. I have been disappointed, but not defeated. I have been concerned, but not conquered. I have been blessed to know what purpose and provision is in Christ, what it is to have a circle of family and friends near and far, a support system beautifully woven by the Hand of God into my life. For that, for my great big God and all He has done for me and is about to do, there aren’t words enough to express it. No matter what, He is good, always good and I am truly grateful.

Whoever you are, whatever you face today—you are not alone. You are loved. I am praying for you, and I know the moments when God presses into my heart to pray for something seemingly random for someone I don't know, it is in fact a specific need for someone out there who needs the love of Jesus. He is for you, and so am I.

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