To live as Christ

How then shall we approach the remainder of this year ahead of us? With an attitude bent toward settling for less than what Christ has purposed you for? You know the attitude I’m talking about. How many people do you know right now, today, who are comfortable being miserable? Who have adopted the attitude that my misery is all I’m ever going to have, so I’ll wear it on my sleeve for all to see. Who have decided that this is as good as it’s ever going to get, I should just accept my circumstances as my fate being determined and make the most of it. Who have chosen to assume the lies being fed to their heads and hearts is their destiny, and it can’t possibly get any better. That mindset may be due to something that happened to that person, to root them in doubt and despair, to distract them from their full purpose and worth. I have been there, and I have struggled with this very thing. It can become like an article of clothing you wear, like an invisible covering. Invisible to everyone but you. You can feel it, the weight of it on your shoulders. The shame. The disappointment. The resentment. The heart break. The anger. The despair. If you let it, it can erode your soul. As we experience life, we can choose to deal with it or let it deal with us. I am of the temperament that I simply refuse to allow life to deal with me. I want to deal with it head on, I will not give up or give in, I will not settle because I believe no matter how hard or impossible it may seem, I will make my way through it and see it done. Finished. Completed. In the past, never to be revisited again.

I do not want to settle, for I know the God who has filled me with purpose and will fight for me even when I am not feeling up to the battle ahead. That covering falls away when I choose to look up and embrace the love and mercy the Savior has for me every single moment of every single day. It is a promise that in the worst of times I have a reason to hope, I have a Savior who will carry me and guide me in the path of confidence and determination. I want to live a life that is pleasing to God and freeing for me, whole, complete and sealed by the Holy Spirit who lives in me. I want to see others embrace that love and mercy, so I will not stop in my daily striving to live as His, not bound by the things of this world! I am inspired and empowered today by this word:

1 Thessalonians 3:8 (The Voice)—For if you are set firmly in the Lord, then we can truly live!

I have been praying for several people this week, so many needs, it has burdened my heart. I wish there was more I could do personally, physically to meet their needs, but I am so incredibly thankful for the power of prayer! I hope today you know, no matter what you are facing, you can release your burdens and look up to the Savior for love and mercy overflowing. In Him, when we are fully living in Him, then we are truly free and we can say we are living in Christ.
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