Timing is Everything

Timing is everything. God's timing, specifically, is perfect and just in time. Have you found this to be true in your life? I spent a lot of time last night in my quiet time, praying out of sheer exhaustion to God, we need Your provision now more than ever in this moment! God is doing a work in us, both of us, in this new season of restoration and purpose. We know what we are called to, that has never been in doubt. Ryan is making efforts to gain secondary income in worship leadership opportunities, and we hope to see the doors of opportunity open for him over the days and weeks ahead. God has provided what we need, and we are very thankful! Now that we've improved our financial footing, we are taking an inventory of what we need in the year ahead of us. We have two aging vehicles, and this seems to be the year that every little thing that could go wrong and needs to be repaired, is happening right now. We have been blessed to find a cozy 3 bedroom apartment that has worked well for us within the span of a one year lease, but 1150 square feet for 6 people is proving to be more than this family can take! The walls are starting to close in on us, and we are in need of more space, more breathing room soon! So, last night I took a hard look at where we are financially, what we have coming in and what we need to make two very necessary improvements in our lives this summer. We need more living space, so we will start looking in June for a 3 or 4 bedroom rental home. We also need to find a replacement vehicle, something affordable, fuel efficient and dependable for our family of 6. Would you please consider praying for us? Here is what I'd ask you to pray for:

1. Consistent secondary income for Ryan--We want to find something in a part time worship pastor role, but we will continue to share his promotional packet with anyone and everyone who can connect him with a need for worship leadership at any number of events such as interim worship pastor roles, retreats, revivals, concerts, camps, etc.
2. A 3 or 4 bedroom rental home--We need to stay in Willard school district. We have to provide 60 day notice so we will notify our apartment office June 8 of our intent to move. Our goal is to find something in June, move in July.
3. A replacement vehicle--We need something that will fit a family of 6, affordable and dependable.

Prayer is our lifeline to God, it truly is a conversation with him that He longs for throughout our day. I find myself praying without ceasing many times right smack in the middle of my busiest days because I know my limits, and I know I can't go on without my God intervening and supplying me with the peace that passes all understanding.

My heart is full to overflowing with thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers, your loving support and encouragement for us over the years. The journey is certain to be difficult, but God provides His perfect peace and love to help us carry on! Thank you for standing beside us, joining us on this journey.
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