More of Him, Less of me

He must become greater, I must become less. John 3:30

I just finished Louie Giglio's book and I am still soaking up the knowledge of the nature of God, that He is I AM and I, well, I am not. As we grow in our knowledge of Christ, walk the path He has laid before us and find successes along the way, it is easy to become a bit arrogant in our Christianity. It is a shame that humility typically only comes when life smacks us across the face with something truly unexpected and devastating. We say to God,"Okay, I've been doing what You called me to do, following your lead, answered Your call and here I am in the middle of this waste land that somehow, some way you have a purpose?" Yep, that's right. At some point in the midst of struggle, when we let go of what we are feeling, when we have purged our systems of all the hurt, anger, grief, disappointment, heartbreak....purpose comes in to focus. I know, and even in the darkest moments of our struggle I could see a glimmer, that there is purpose even for this. Regardless of where we are and what we are doing at this very moment, God is working. Regardless of my view of where we stand today, God is working. No matter what comes of all these applications Ryan has put in, or who responds or how they respond, I know God is working! He is always working in us, through us, for us to bring about His glorious purpose! It is at the point now that I find myself having more moments of relief than grief. Relief is a much better feeling than grief. I recognize it is the Holy Spirit's way of bringing about healing and restoration in me. I can say at this point in my life this cycle has occurred more than once and for some reason it feels new each time, as if I have never experienced it before.
I have had a feeling this past week or so, a feeling of being on the very edge, waiting for the great reveal. I know God has something amazing, something that will blow my whole idea of expectation out of the water because even as amazing as it may be to me it is over the top to Him! I can just imagine and I am excited to think of it, how God will react when that moment comes and He gives us the open door...."Here it is! This is your opportunity to sieze precisely what I have intended for you!"
God is working. I know He is. I will choose in this moment to continue this focus of more of Him, less of me. It isn't about anything I know or am capable of doing on my own; it is all about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the calling He has placed upon my life. To be Him, to serve others, to love others deeply and to give of myself until there is nothing left to give. There is no better place to be than right in the palm of His hand.
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