Although some people really thrive on feeling sorry for themselves, I find it benefits nobody and it is extremely tiresome to deal with. I have had friends over the years who have come across this way, life just isn't fair most of the time, they have what seems to be greater struggles than the rest of us. Truly I believe this is a need for attention, somewhere along the way that person has either had an unhealthy example of love and self worth or they have been a victim of some form of abuse. What an opportunity to share Christ, show love in a way that blows any example they've ever had out of their minds? We should be aware of these needs immediately around us in our friendships, families, work places, churches, anywhere and everywhere we are encountering someone who desperately needs a fresh outlook on life. I read in my quiet time today as God gave the Israelites the opportunity to see the land He'd promised through scouts who were sent out. As they returned and reported what they saw, even brought back a sample of the abundant food, the people's reaction astounds me. They have up to this point witnessed firsthand miracle after miracle that God has performed to prove Himself and His promise to provide for His people. They doubt, they fear, they literally ask to return to Egypt, to the slavery they have just been delivered from. The complaining, griping, desperate pleas must have been so hard for Moses and Joshua to hear let alone God himself. It angered God, and rightly so I think. I just cannot imagine having so much shown to you, right there seeing with your own eyes the power of God, and still doubting He could provide for them. It makes me feel sorry for them and just sad for the people of God and how far they had come, to hear God's command that they should wander the wilderness for 40 years and all those over the age of 20 would never see the land God promised them. It must have been a small comfort to know their children would, but still I cannot imagine the sorrow, the depth of despair they must have felt. Do we do this with God? Do we choose to complain, gripe, worry, agonize, stress out when something terrible happens in our lives? No matter the circumstance, somehow we've got to return to His promise to never leave us nor forsake us, that He will always provide for us according to His will. That never changes, He never changes, we need to choose to be unshakeable in our faith because of that alone. God cannot be knocked from His throne, and we cannot reduce His power or ability by doubting what He can and will do. Someone once told me in the midst of something horrible that occurred in their life, they somehow found the ability to laugh. Now I don't think this is a solution or appropriate reaction in every situation, but like tears it can be very therapeutic and comforting because we know God is still God, somehow He has a purpose for every moment of our lives.
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