I was thinking today I would love so much to get away, go on vacation to a place warm and relaxing. It is terribly cold, and we are getting a bit more snow. I have always loved the changing seasons, but winter can be particularly hard on me. I am like many people who suffer from some form of seasonal depression. Too many days without sunshine and my energy level and mood tend to take a dive. Thankfully I can find peace and revival in my quiet time each day. Today I read in the Old Testament about the offerings, the detailed preparation that went into each ceremony. God gave such specific instruction, what would please Him in what was given to Him. It was enough to leave my head spinning. I am so thankful we are not required to do all of that; Jesus' life has covered us and a commitment to Him brings us to eternal life. I am in awe every day because He has chosen me. He knew me before I was even a thought in my mother's mind. He knew me before time began. He knew when I would come to know Him and choose to embrace Him as my Lord. I cannot imagine my life without a walk with Christ. So because of that commitment, I actually do have a place to "vacation" daily and find the relaxation I need for my heart, mind and soul. Okay, yes--I still want to go to a nice tropical place for a vacation but there is great joy to be found daily with the Lord when I make time for Him.
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